Claude Edwards | Duraclean by Master Services, Inc.Claude Edwards Owner, Duraclean by Master Services, Inc. | Cleaning Services Anchorage

Claude Edwards started doing janitorial work in 1968 for extra income during his Army career to support his family. Just before he retired from 23 years of military service, he decided to take his business to another level of professionalism as a Duraclean franchisee. Duraclean by Master Services, Inc. is now a family-owned business serving Anchorage and the Matanuska Valley since 1982.

Before Duraclean, he and his wife, Clem, started cleaning carpets on their hands and knees without machines. They soon moved up to a hand held machine–and later Duraclean‘s professional equipment. But regardless of the method–whether residential or commercial–the Edwards use the same approach to every cleaning job. They treat their customers’ homes and offices like they are their own.

One prime example of this is legendary within their family. Their oldest daughter got her first job right out of college at what was the largest advertising agency in Alaska. Shortly after, Claude secured the janitorial contract for the building that housed the agency. The morning after their first night of cleaning, the employees repeatedly approached their daughter raving about how clean the bathroom floors were. There was a major debate going throughout the building as to whether or not the floors had been replaced overnight because they were so pristine.

In his early days as a new franchise owner, Claude got advice from the corporate office about how to purchase mailing lists to build up his clientele. The first mailing yielded four clients in 1984. Those four customers are like family today. Duraclean by Master Services, Inc. now cleans for their children and parents.

Claude Edwards has been dubbed by his customers as the “Cadillac” of carpet cleaners. They have come to expect the Duraclean by Master Services, Inc. brand of service and quality. For Claude, these are not merely professional buzz words. They are a way of life, and a reflection of his character, that is translated into every service he provides.

Claude and Clem Edwards have served the Anchorage community as members of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church for nearly 40 years, and they are the parents of three adult children and three grandchildren.